Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Truth About Soy

Soy is now one of the constant component of many popular products - it is added to sausages and pastries, in the semis and mayonnaise. Rumors about the benefits of this culture are often thwarted frightening information about its dangers. Let us learn the truth about soy.

Briefly about the benefits of soy

Soy contains a special vegetable protein, which is very close in quality protein of eggs, meat and milk. That's why it allows you to quickly get rid of hunger. But there is one "but" - dishes made from soy, less calories.

In favor of soybeans, and says that it contains essential amino acids, which are responsible for updating the cells in our body (this is valine, histidine, isoleucine, etc.). In addition to the composition of dietary fiber include beans, vitamins (A, B, E, etc.), as well as micro and macro elements (boron, iron, calcium, potassium, etc.).

Where is Soy?

Soybeans are rarely sold in "pristine" form, because they require prolonged treatment and therefore are not very popular. Can not be said about the finished products such as tofu and Yuba, as well as soy milk, meat and sauce. In addition, soybeans are introduced into the semis, sausages, pastries, etc. (see, in the presence of this product, you can see on the packaging phrase "vegetable protein" or labeled E479 and E322).

• Tofu (soy cheese) - this product is somewhat similar to regular cheese. Tofu may seem too bland to the taste, so it is most often roasted, add to it the spices and vegetables.

• Soy meat in appearance similar to ground meat or chips. Before preparing the product is soaked in milk, water or even in wine, and only then cook the meat. Only 100 g of this "meat" makes it possible to cook a hearty 500 grams of finished product.

• Soy milk - a protein product of high quality, which is an analog of cow's milk. This product has been successfully used in the dietary, and besides, he is perfect for children with allergies to natural milk.

• Yuba - a frothy, taken with soy milk. We have the product known as "Korean asparagus. Yuby taste is not very refined, but seasoned with "korean asparagus" spices and vinegar, you can get enough of the original snack.

• Soy sauce enjoys continued popularity, but few know how to get this product. Peeled and crushed soybeans mixed with the milled wheat and pour water. This mixture was converted into bags that are suspended and are awaiting fermentation. Discharged fluid is filtered. To speed up the fermentation process used today is anything but safe additives, so buying soy sauce, is sure the label says "natural fermentation.

Choosing the sauce, it is worth paying attention to color - darker than he is, the richer taste of the product. The dark sauce is ideal for meat, and light - to the vegetables and fish. Soy sauce quality sold in glass bottles. Often it is administered natural supplements (peanuts, garlic, etc.). Soy sauce can successfully replace the salt that is important for those who adhere to salt-free diets.

It's worth knowing about soy

Today, most soy is genetically modified. Until now, there is no reliable evidence of either harm or the safety of crops affected by the modification, so you should not put themselves at risk. By purchasing a product, make sure that the package is present inscription "GMO".

Due to the low calorie dishes made from soybeans (90-150 calories, depending on the method of preparation), they successfully included in the menu of various diets. Enjoy your meal!

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