Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abdominal Training That Does Not Grow the Size

Bodybuilding is the art of illusion. The greatest man does not always win. Instead, the man who looks the biggest, while showing superior conditioning and presentation wins. Very often, the average weight gain the most comprehensive entertainment enthusiasts, while the heavyweight lankier settle on his class win.

One of the biggest illusions that bodybuilders may have on stage is the V-cone. In short, the V-cone is the illusion that occurs when the size is narrow and the shoulders are wide. The upper body resembles a letter "V". A good V-taper is the physique look more athletic, and making the breast and thighs are bigger too. To achieve a V-cone, we must work to ensure the size remains small in the off-season appears on the scene yet muscular fitness.

upper abdominal

Most bodybuilders know how to train the upper abs. Crunches are king, and always have been (at least since the sit-up has disappeared). An interesting strategy used by many bodybuilders is to avoid the cons-season training upper abdomen, the choice to train abs in 6 to 8 weeks before a show. This allows the stomach to stay trim all year (not including well-developed sheet of muscle under projections) and still leaves enough time for the bodybuilder to train them before the competition approach.

Lower abdominal

This region is underdeveloped in many bodybuilders. Partially covered by laying logs, many bodybuilders simply neglecting the region. It is a mistake, as shown most bodybuilding does not win on the high areas, but has the least weak areas. Lower abdominals should be trained on the occasion of cons-season. The goal is not to have fully developed throughout the year, rather, to have a development base for them full of pre-competition abdominal training. Lower abs are not getting much stimulation as the secondary upper abdominals receive.


Heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts have an extraordinary effect of adding mass to the body. Although it is very advantageous for those looking to add muscle mass to the frame, it can be frustrating for those who want to keep the waist down. Weigh your goals. If you determine the mass is already there and that the reduction in size is more important, cut heavy compound movements for a bit and let the obliques to shrink. Remember, when you reach a low level of body fat, they will display well. Small oblique equal more a V-cone.

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